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Monthly Archive for February, 2012


this is not a poem. i don’t mess with metaphor this is me finding my voice and losing pieces if i could scream, i would but my throat is tired and my heart is tired, too   i think i’m untouchable i didn’t finish aestheticizing this i like things unfinished, and i am always in […]

What is Experiences of Healing? Experiences of Healing is an 8 week psycho-educational support group designed to help survivors of sexual assault navigate the healing process. Sessions will include art, collage, poetry and other experiential activities to assist in the exploration of topics. Each week, the group will explore a specific aspect of the healing […]

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Activism Works!

Target removed stalking card from Valentine’s Day selections.  

http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/tell-target-to-stop-selling-stalker-valentines-card/ From Care2: Target: Target Corporation Sponsored by: Kristina Chew It’s Valentine’s Day next Tuesday but Target has a card that simply needs to be taken off the shelves. The card says, in big white letters on a red background, “Stalker is a harsh word.” Open the car and inside you’ll find, in red letters […]

Dear Corporal

*Trigger Warning: Contains explicit detail about a violation.   To the Corporal in Atlanta: I liked it when you touched me kissed me spanked me bit me is that wrong?   You liked my nose ring and tattoos. Couldn’t control yourself. But you can’t have me, army boy. I know this. Everything was amplified — […]

Humor provides us with the opportunity to make social commentary, to connect with others, and to laugh when life sometimes feels too damn serious. But when does humor cross the line from breaking boundaries to reinforcing oppressive ideology? Is the in-group “allowed” to make offensive jokes? Why do and should we accept these jokes at […]

Hope to see you there!  Remember to RSVP to help us ensure we have refreshments for everyone!

Welcome to WEconSent

Welcome to WEconSent! – a safe space for Wesleyan students to blog about issues of sexual violence and consent. WEconSent encourages conversations surrounding the balance of power in relationships, as well as discussions about what leads to positive, healthy relationships. We understand and acknowledge that all sexual violence is inherently rooted in oppression and connected to […]

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